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The Verible project’s main mission is to parse SystemVerilog (IEEE 1800-2017) (as standardized in the [SV-LRM]) for a wide variety of applications, including developer tools.

It was born out of a need to parse un-preprocessed source files, which is suitable for single-file applications like style-linting and formatting. In doing so, it can be adapted to parse preprocessed source files, which is what real compilers and toolchains require.

The spirit of the project is that no-one should ever have to develop a SystemVerilog parser for their own application, because developing a standard-compliant parser is an enormous task due to the syntactic complexity of the language. Verible’s parser is also regularly tested against an ever-growing suite of (tool-independent) language compliance tests at

A lesser (but notable) objective is that the language-agnostic components of Verible be usable for rapidly developing language support tools for other languages.

See the README file for further information.





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