Tool for looking at the syntax of Verilog and SystemVerilog code. Part of the Verible tool suite.

Command line arguments

verible-verilog-syntax: usage: /tmp/verible-bin/verible-verilog-syntax [options] <file> [<file>...]

  Flags from external/com_google_absl/absl/flags/
    --flagfile (comma-separated list of files to load flags from); default: ;
    --fromenv (comma-separated list of flags to set from the environment [use
      'export FLAGS_flag1=value']); default: ;
    --tryfromenv (comma-separated list of flags to try to set from the
      environment if present); default: ;
    --undefok (comma-separated list of flag names that it is okay to specify on
      the command line even if the program does not define a flag with that
      name); default: ;

  Flags from verilog/parser/
    --verilog_trace_parser (Trace verilog parser); default: false;

  Flags from verilog/tools/syntax/
    --error_limit (Limit the number of syntax errors reported. (0: unlimited));
      default: 0;
    --export_json (Uses JSON for output. Intended to be used as an input for
      other tools.); default: false;
    --lang (Selects language variant to parse. Options:
      auto: SystemVerilog-2017, but may auto-detect alternate parsing modes
      sv: strict SystemVerilog-2017, with explicit alternate parsing modes
      lib: Verilog library map language (LRM Ch. 33)
      ); default: auto;
    --printrawtokens (Prints all lexed tokens, including filtered ones.);
      default: false;
    --printtokens (Prints all lexed and filtered tokens); default: false;
    --printtree (Whether or not to print the tree); default: false;
    --show_diagnostic_context (prints an additional line on which the diagnostic
      was found,followed by a line with a position marker); default: false;
    --verifytree (Verifies that all tokens are parsed into tree, prints
      unmatched tokens); default: false;

Try --helpfull to get a list of all flags or --help=substring shows help for
flags which include specified substring in either in the name, or description or


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